The Open Anatomy Team

The Open Anatomy Project is based at the Surgical Planning Lab (SPL), part of the Department of Radiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The SPL has been a hub of interdisciplinary computer science, radiology, and clinical collaboration since it was founded more than twenty-five years ago. The core team represents and appreciates the work of hundreds of physicians, medical researchers, and computer scientists that have collaborated to create unique anatomy atlas data sets.

Core Team

Michael Halle PhD

Mike is the Principal Investigator for the Open Anatomy Project and Instructor of Radiology Harvard Medical School. An MIT trained computer scientist, he received his Masters and PhD from the MIT Media Lab, where he developed some of the world's most advanced 3D displays. He has been part of the SPL's atlas development efforts for more than twenty years. He also collaborated with astronomers from the Harvard/Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory to use 3D Slicer to visualize interstellar gas clouds.

Ron Kikinis MD

Ron is Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School, Head of Fraunhofer MEVIS and Professor of Computer Science at University of Bremen in Germany. Ron founded the Surgical Planning Lab to advance the study of medical image computing. He has been a pioneer in multi-center interdisciplinary medical research, an advocate for free and open software and data, and an accomplished scientist. He provides the project with medical expertise, texting, and contacts to his huge number of collaborators.

Sonia Pujol PhD

Sonia is assistant professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School with a background in mathematics, computer science, and biomedical engineering. She is the Director of Training for the Neuroimaging Analysis Center. She has over fourteen years of experience of developing educational materials and training clinicians and scientists with medical imaging software in courses and events across the world. Sonia's project role includes dissemination and development of educational and training materials, teaching, and advice on interface development.

Marianna Jakab MS

Marianna is the Research and Publications Compliance Manager at the Surgical Planning Lab. She has had a pivotal and longstanding role in maintaining the SPL anatomy atlas data sets and assisting researchers in their development. She has trained physicians how to use 3D Slicer's editing functions. She has also segmented and labeled features in each of the individual anatomy atlases from the SPL. Marianna continues to her role as data wrangler and research liaison as part of the Open Anatomy Project.


Medical Technology for Sustainable Development

The MedTech4SusDev team is working closely the the Open Anatomy Project and the larger 3D Slicer, medical open source, and medical open hardware communities to develop sustainable medical technologies designed purposefuly to thrive in outlying regions of the European Union and developing countries. The group is headed by Dr. Juan Ruiz Alzola in at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) in the Canary Islands in Spain. By building collaborations between African physicians and technologists and their peers in Europe, the US, and Canada, the team has made new inroads into bringing advanced yet affordable medical technologies to areas of need.

Our collaboration is made possible through the European Union's INTERREG MACbioIDi initiative.

MedTech4SusDev web site